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Federico Vaona

Music Composer and Producer
Federico Vaona The Official Web Site
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Federico Vaona is an Italian Music Composer, Arranger and Producer.
He composed and arranged music for more than 100 TV Shows and more than 2500 TV/Series Episodes.
Federico is also a Music Supervisor, Music Programmer, Music Editor, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer.
This reputation has led him to work on the most popular TV network channels including
Antena 3, Telecinco, TVE, Mediaset Group, and RAI Italy.
He’s the owner and President of the
Aguarecords Productions.
On 2007 Federico internationally released his album MYSTICO, a project that mixes Gregorian Chants, Piano, Opera Chants and Electronic Rhythms.
MYSTICO hits Number 1 on Top Electronic Albums for iTunes Spain.
Recent works include a music soundtrack for the successful TV Show "Guinness World Records" on Mediaset Group, music consultant at "57th Annual Young Musicians Foundation" directed by Christopher Allport, featuring John Williams.
Since July 2013 he is also the President of Territorial Council of
SGAE (Authors and Publishers General Society of Spain) - Madrid.
In the summer of 2014, Federico mastered Bob DeSena's album "
After Midnight" which won the 24th ANNUAL LOS ANGELES AWARD as "Jazz Album Of The Year"
New upcoming projects are the Sport Crime Drama
RED CARD by Film-Director Fredric Keith Reshew, produced by Maria Vascsak (Maria Vascsak Agency) and crime/drama short film "West 32nd Street" directed and produced by Award Winner director Keith Sutliff

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